Colon Cleansing-Amazing way to loose weight!

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What are you eating?

Before you answer the question can you lose weight through colon cleansing, you first have to ask, what kind of foods are you putting in your body? Everyday the food we eat and the water we drink all are in some way or another contaminated through, toxins, pollutants, and chemicals. Most foods in the American diet are just not up to par – processed meats, canned and boxed foods, frozen dinners, not to mention the fast food chains. Even the ‘healthy’ fruits and vegetables are exposed to these contaminants.

The Build-Up

These foods, over time, slowly ‘build-up’ in the colon, causing your stomach to bulge. This also accounts a lot for the constipation, bloating, gas, and other abdominal pains. A sluggish, tired, and over-extended colon leads to poor digestion and poor absorption of essential vitamins and nutrients. This indirectly translates to weight gain, and a bloated belly.

The Flush Out

A natural colon cleanse is made of gentle herbs found only in nature to break-up and flush out the toxins, fecal build-up, and unwanted pollutants. It has been reported that average weight loss after a cleanse can range from 2 -5 pounds! Why you may ask?

All the ‘junk’ that we eat, especially the dairy and mucus forming foods, begin to stick to the colon wall, adding unnecessary extra weight.

Once all this is removed, many people can immediately ‘see’ a difference such as a flatter stomach or thinner waistline. Jim Caras states in his book How to Completely Reshape Your Body, “Another fantastic benefit from cleansing is that you may find your waistline or abdominal area literally reduces or flattens much quicker and more completely.”

Not only that, with the toxins, pollutants, and parasites removed, your body no longer has to compete for the vitamins and nutrients. This will give you more energy increasing your metabolism and enable you to burn fat faster.
Just give Premier Colon Detox a try and you will never be disappointed about the awesome result you desire and deserve.


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