Colon- Diseases Of The Colon

Aspirin is said to reduce the growth of colon polyps and cancers of the colon, esophagus, and stomach. The symptoms are usually avoided by the people, but it is important to consult the doctor immediately when such symptoms occur, since the survival rates for early detection of colon cancer is five times more than that of late stage cancer.

The colon or the large intestine extends from the cecum to the rectum. There are various diseases of the colons like colitis, colon cancer, constipation, polyposis, pseudomembranous colitis, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, diarrhea, and chronic functional abdominal pain.

The ascending colon is from the cecum to the hepatic flexure and is present on the right side of the abdomen. A descending colon is the part between the splenic flexure to the beginning of the sigmoid colon. The sigmoid colon is between the descending colon and the rectum.

The colon cancer is the third most common form of cancer and the second most deadly one in the western world. Sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy is carried out to detect the presence of colon cancer.

Improper diet, consuming loads of meat, fatty food, and lack of fiber, fruit and vegetables in the diet can all cause colon cancer. It is usually the people of the western world who are prone to colon cancer due to their nutrition-less diet. Cleansing and maintaining colon is extremely crucial.


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